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Welcome to The Morpher Society - Remnants. My name's Patrick. You may have seen me in productions of insanity such as TMS, Patshome, and Insane RPs '99 and 2000. Or not. Anyway, now that you're here, look around! And thanks to Asha and PuP for the banners, and hosting.

Books:: Uh, about the books. *shrug*

Characters:: More than you ever wanted to know.

The New World:: The environment the Remnants are in. (Not Up.)

Miscellanea:: All those little odds and ends..

Frames Version:: Click here to switch to Frames.

  • Jan 2 '08-> Yep.
  • Jan 2 '07-> Yeah. Again.
  • Jan 1 '05-> No update, just fixing copyright date. Well, and email. But that's all. Sry.
  • Jun 30 '04-> Well, this isn't completely dead. I made a tiny update, adding Lost and Found chapters to the character pages. I'd take up finishing the books pages, as they're my main bit of info, but I don't have a scanner anymore. *sigh*
  • Mar 31 '04-> Well.. I guess that's it, then. (Hosting's been gone for a long time, just doing some housekeeping. Remnants.. RIP. :( )
  • Past Updates...


Email: patteroast | setebos

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